colorforward by clariant

ColorForward, an initiative by Clariant is a color forecasting tool in the plastics industry. For 2010 C0nsumer Directions colors are divided under 4 societal trends : reinventing happiness, tech it easy, embracing gaia, age shock.

Under reinventing happiness gold brown, grayish blue, pearl champagne tone, raspberry red and of course turquoise are the color directions.

For tech it easy which is described as designed aesthetics combined with manufacturing craftsmanship adding performance and value. Colors are dark inky blue, pearly white, silvery green, bold turquoise and bright orange.

Embracing gaia includes collective influences like green concepts, biomimicry and new earth inspired products and lifestyles. Colors are grass green, warm and coppery brown, soft beige, liquid blue and deep dark red.

Last collective influence is age shock defies the aging process measuring age by attitude, dissolving generational boundaries and high end savvy young affluents. Colors associated with this social influence are pinkish orange, reddish shade lilac, bright fuchsia, young fresh blue and soft but saturated yellow.