another talented product designer with a great sense of color is Hella Jongerius. She approaches color as one of the subtleties of design.  She insists color to be on the agenda. Her belief that all colors are interconnected and finding the right palette is like going on a treasure hunt is important for her design. It is admirable that she considers all aspects of color and artistic hands on experimenting relying on intuition. She notes that keywords for color include resetting, fuel, imagination, mood, reorganization, harmonization and vitalization.

One of her projects is to develop an open language for the profession , a system but without numbers and color fans. She explores with miniatures to explore how color and 3D dimensional form go together. She also likes to chart the relationship between color and material. This is something I would like to find out more for myself. She says ” you can not apply the same shade of red to a wooden table and a steel leg, because the result will be different.” This is very related to my experience in developing colors over various surfaces. Another interesting statement by her notes that color needs to be approached as a material and users to develop a sensitivity to this material. She wants people to be aware of what they are building and they are surrounding themselves with.

source : jongeriuslab