crazy car colors are back

first-time car buyers today have very different color preferences. White, silver and black are not on the top of their list when they shop for their first car.  They look for bold, fruity, bright and crazy colors. From trucks to asian car sales anything but orthodox colors are big hits.  Some of these color names are  molten orange, grabber blue with a stripe, velocity yellow, black currant metallic, hot magenta, lime squeeze , vision blue and passion orange.

in 2010 dodge chrysler comes in plum crazy, a hue which is revived from its 70s models.

viper comes in snakeskin green, a color for the first time buyers taste.

ford Fiesta which already has a wide palette of  technicolor dreamcoat of  color options will continue to offer bright colors like bright magenta and lime squeeze for the usa market in 2011.

source : NY Times