Faber Birren 1900-1988

Faber Birren leading authority on the effects of color on humans starts experimenting with color by painting his room vermilion to find out the truth or fallacy in “paint the dungeon red and drive the the prisoner mad”. One of his first consultancy job was to change the color of billiard table from green to a purplish tone. Women at that time did not associate green with well respected billiard parlors. So with his color change the sales for billiard tables for homes soared. He also changed the color of the walls to reduce eye fatigue, painted machinery bright to reduce accidents due to vision, reduced glare and the transitions from sharp light to dark contrasts causing momentary color blindness. Faber Bitten developed safety color schemes and color identification for safety factors for Armed Services. Yellow for stumbling,falling or strike against hazards, orange for cutting, brushing and burn, blue for caution and green for first aid equipment. He also developed a color scheme for the United States Navy. He planned a color specification system for every single item found on naval shore establishments including clothing by developing color standards.

He published 25 books and several hundred articles about all aspects of color.

His collection at Yale is considered one of , if not the, foremost gathering of works on color.

source : faber birren collection