%100 recycled aluminum

A jahara studio product/concept development -made in aluminum 100% recycled.

Batucada is a collection of objects hammered and anodised that create a special sort of liquid feel to metal.

Jahara studio notes :

With this work we talk about process and music, as rythym is the main inspiration for the pieces, by hammering and leaving marks to each object, an unique result shows up in each piece.

designboom posts :

in brazil, 98% of the aluminum produced is recycled, making it one of the top countries in the world rank for aluminum recycling. this is primarily due to the large network of ‘catadores’ – people who search trash for recyclable materials. it is cheaper to produce a ton of recycled aluminum than it is to produce the same amount in new aluminum. jahara uses the anodizing process to make the metal 30% stronger than steel and to give the pieces a vividly colored finish.