cradle to cradle

One of the ratings, certifications and standardization system for sustainable materials is cradle to cradle. It is established by architect William McDonough. The system evaluates products by measuring positive impacts on the environment, human health and social equity. The term is based on the products design that should provide fuel for new products when they are no longer useful.

Green materials became part of mainstreaming sustainable design. Building, renewing and renovating homes with green materials help to preserve natural resources and also decrease its life cycle impact over environment. The process for green materials is tracked starting from its raw material type , its manufacturing process, its transportation, its performance when it is used and its disposal, reuse and recycling options. So when selecting materials we need to look for high level of renewability, reusability and durability and low levels of embodied energy, the energy required to extract, process, and transport materials and also environmental impact,the negative effects on outdoor and indoor environments.

source : national building museum.

An example of eco colors, green material color options for flooring comes from : dura -design.

Color options include : charcoal, griege, infinity blue , primavera and red terracotta.