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Some users of green paint products argue that new low VOC paint lines do not replicate the sheen, consistency or lasting power of an oil-based paint. The painting on a wall can require several more applications of the newer paints made to be low in volatile organic compounds, or V.O.C.’s, than of old-fashioned latex blends. The look is not the same and the brushstrokes are visible. Low VOC paints require 5 coats to get the same effect of 2 coats of the traditional latex paint.

Smaller manufacturers, like Yolo Colorhouse and Mythic Paint sell only low- or zero-V.O.C. paints. They say they can match any color — any one of Benjamin Moore’s 3,300, for example — and also offer their own palettes.

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When paint is mixed with color, the V.O.C. content can increase, because colorants typically contain V.O.C.’s; they do not count toward the limits that have been established by the Ozone Transport Commission. OTC requires that all paint sold contain less than 50 grams of V.O.C.’s per liter. Many of the new paints on the market, including Benjamin Moore’s Aura, Home Depot’s Freshaire Choice and Sherwin-Williams’s Harmony, meet that standard. There are also a number of start-up companies, like Yolo Colorhouse and AFM Safecoat, that produce only low- or “zero” V.O.C. paint.

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