a green alternative for surface finishing

Powder Coating material is economic, efficient, environmentally responsible and provides energy savings and excellent finish.

  • Color changes can be made easily.
  • Overspray can be recovered and disposed  safely.
  • Lower application costs and rejects rates
  • Heating costs during curing results in energy savings with greater operating efficiency.
  • It requires lower personnel and keeping up costs with minimal operating training.
  • Powder Coating is also solvent free with minimum VOC.
  • Overspray can be claimed and less exhaust goes into the air.
  • Application of a single coat produces 2-4 mils thickness which results optimum with a single coat.
  • Excellent edge coverage with less touch paint cost and better corrosion protection are other mechanical benefits.

Before selecting a coating system one of the question is  : what are the specific aesthetic requirements the coating needs to add to the finished part ?  Powder coating is made of resins, hardeners, pigments and additives. Selected type of resin achieves gloss level and texture specifications and pigments are used for interesting color finishes.

Powder coating can be applied to steel, aluminum, wood, plastic, ceramic and glass.