naturally durable wood products

Naturally durable wood products are the cornerstone of sustainability and green building.

Naturally durable wood products are a class of timbers that have natural resistance to decay, rot and insect attack. Species like ipe, greenheart, garapa, teak, jarrah, purpleheart and ekki. As these products are naturally associated with life cycle performance and environmental benefits so they secure a safe place within the sustainable design and green building movement.

Certain species, like White Oak and Redwood became valued for their natural resistance to acids and alkaloids. So they are used for water and wine storage.

Jarrah,Teak, and Cedar, are used for pier, dock and bridge construction.

Wood is still the primary material used to build tanks and vats for leather manufacturing.

Other applications include pergola,arbors, benches, planters ,pool decks, siding, trims, floors and railings.

NDW has higher Life Cycle Assessment and Life Cycle Inventory ratings. Natural Wood materials are renewable resources, requires low energy for extraction, transport and production. They have low production effects. They are biodegradable and do not fill lands.

There is no substitute for the natural beauty of wood. Every piece of wood is unique in grain and appearance.