Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

” Less is More ”   and ” God is in the details ” were Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s approach to the creative process.

Mies created neutral spaces based on material honesty and structural integrity. His modern thinking influenced today’s art and design movements. Like any avant-garde his own experiences help him to develop his own personal theories. He found the aesthetics in the use of single rectilinear and  planar forms, clean lines and pure use of color. He eliminated unnecessary and superficial materials substituting them with straightforward rich materials and forms. He used philosophy as a basis for his work. He used rational thinking to achieve his spiritual goals in architecture. He intentionally left room in his work for interpretation.

His modern furniture is designed by fine craftsmanship. He mixed luxurious fabrics and leather with chrome structures. Supporting structure and supporting faces of his chairs created a feeling of lightness by delicate framing.