geography of color

A friend of mine recently said how vivid and brights were the colors of Peruvian clothing or same with Mexican preferences for colors. So where do the country colors come from?  Symbolic to tradition, colors of countries are distinctive. Countries do have specific preferred colors;  but where do they come ? These colors have emerged and grown over the course of centuries. The arts of the specific land and its nature combined,  national colors were born.

French workers blue blousons suggest France, turquoise and silver suggest American Southwest and saffron reminds buddhists. If we visit a country, let’s say Mexico we see the colors of its blue sky and lapis stones, pink color of its earth, gray green of the cacti and neon reds and yellows of the costumes. The natural colors combined with its clothing to its authentic crafts specific colors stay in our minds to  identify Mexico.

Some countries take these colors and use them in their national identity. Like the flag of Spain being red and yellow represent the passion;  blood and burning sun of the nation. Greek colors of white and blue come from the sky and the sea; these colors found in its flag also represent the color of the Virgin’s robe and the freedom.

So colors are important part of country’s personalities. These colors eventually form the image for national identity.


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