intense dye palettes


the combination of  textile colors-mauve, magenta, crimson and violet which are located on the same side of the color wheel create a glowing room. influenced by the fabrics dyes all have a slight tint of blue.

mauve : patented by Perkins in the mid of 19th century is the first synthetic dye in the world. It is between purple and magenta.

fuschia: with the success of the first aniline mauveine,  Verguin synthesized a cherry red color and called fuchsin. It appears very close to magenta with a slight more blue.

crimson : another anilin based dye, a slightly bluish red.

violet : is a spectral color- purple is the combination of red and blue. methyl violet is the dye color.

source : colors the story of dyes and pigments by Delamare and Guineau