color hunting

this is an old project -it was under /over/ out of  my radar in 2008. however , it is really worth to mention !  about how a color palette is created. from cooperhewitt site here is the story of a team pursing the natural colors in the middle of the south american jungles.

In Februrary 2008, Dai Fujiwara and his creative team embarked for the jungles of South America in pursuit of natural colors. They called their project Color Hunting, and with 3,000 color samples, they matched the gentle colors of rivers (which oddly resembled the hues of human skin), leaves, trees, and soil. To test the veracity of their choices, the team hung strips of dyed cloth in open spaces, over rivers, and in front of trees. If the colors “melted away” and blended with the background, they knew they had the correct hue. With these authentic samples from nature, they selected eight to work with for the spring/summer 2009 collection. The colors were distributed randomly in the warp and weft threads, resulting in a wonderfully muted garment with stripes on the garments representing the patterns and colors of life. Artists and designers often look to nature for creative inspiration, and when it is done as directly and creatively as in Color Hunting, it delivers a clear and vital message that we need to preserve its existence.