one laptop per child

yves behar, founder of  the fuseproject create objects that tell stories. He credits his design ethos in part to growing up in Switzerland with a Turkish father and East German mother; “I have a triad personality,” he explains. “There’s the warmer, expressive, story-telling culture of Turkey combined with an ethic of quality that comes from Switzerland, and the California tech-causal culture mixed in.” source : fuseproject site + yves behar.

he designs from inside to outside. i first notice his “leaf lamp”  designed for herman miller. his projects take human experience into consideration. for him, well designed products and story it tells create better connections to consumers than 30 seconds tv spots.

according to yves behar “ad is the price companies pay for being un-original.”

i like the color choice of the laptop as well as the combination of the logo colors. overall this is a great program taking technology, education and design collaboration to one level up where the mission is to create educational opportunities for the world’s poorest children.