inspired and selected from AD 100 tips

Ideas from AD s list of 100 tips:

Treat each room like an off- white canvas.

Consider the space between the shadows.

Good design captures a place and time, incorporating a sense of the past while looking toward the future.
Everyone suffers from too many good ideas. Simplify, simplify, simplify.

Learn how to express yourself.

Gather photographs from various books or magazines to help jumpstart the process.

Beware of trends. This year’s in look will surely be out in the future.

Design for the future. Live lightly on the land and use less energy.(by steven ehrlich)

The use of bold color in spaces that you only spend a short amount of time in, such as a foyer, breezeway or gallery, will make them more memorable and interesting.(by john barman)

Allow for the “in-between” spaces to occur by employing light and shadow as a material.( by david jameson)