in fashion design, textile, graphics, printing, interior decoration one has to keep some points about color in mind:

for example knowing how to use ground subtraction in wall papers and textile printing process would help to reduce the amount of colors used and the cost while creating the perception of having many color combinations.

while pure and strong colors are the influencing colors, pale and muted colors would get influenced. tertiary colors are easier to influence as they carry more common characteristics with other colors. especially this can be observed in after image, simultaneous contrast and complementary contrast. chromatic colors would influence muted colors. we can not obtain after image with muted colors. simultaneous contrast requires one color and another achromatic color area. if the color that stimulates is chromatic and bright , its affect on the achromatic color would be stronger. complementary contrast can be realized when two colors have a hue in common. if a gray with a muted hue placed by another gray with its complementary hue each gray would not appear all gray. in ground subtraction two colors with common hues, lightness and chroma would reduce each other’s similar qualities. the saturation level is not important here.