white neo-corbusian

The winner of the Pritzker Architecture Prize, considered the field’s highest honor and often equated with the Nobel Prize Mr. Richard Meier designed great white buildings such as  Getty Center in Los Angeles, California and the High Museum of Art in Atlanta. Richard Meier  likes the material  glass and he uses glass to  proportion to the rest of the building from the way it catches and reflects the light. He considers glass a contemporary material which is transparent and filled with light.


The three of the most significant concepts of Richard Meier ‘s work are Light, Color and Place.

Recently, we hear white as a significant color in today’s color trends. I was curious to find out Mr. Meier’ approach to white.

Richard Meier places white where it is subject to change constantly. These changes are caused by nature: the sky, the weather,  clouds, climate and of course the light. The High Museum of Art in Atlanta is a great example of how white is used to bring the light in through the transparent and asymmetrical curvilinear walls which form the exterior of the building.

For the Getty at LA, Meier got inspired from the surrounding nature of mountains,The Pacific Ocean and the grid of the city. So he designed the building to reflect the nature and the culture. The beige color, roughly cut, textured  travertine stone catches the bright California light, which reflects in the morning and emits warmly in the afternoon. Natural light is one of the most architectural elements of the building. The exterior glass allows the light in to illuminate the space.