postmodernism in architecture and interior design was born as a reaction to modernism-specifically a reaction to the International Style,purism,minimalism and “less is more”. Post modernists also rejected bahaus and choose to stay connected to the past.

For colors, postmodernists are drawn to vanilla, apricot, pistachio, black raspberry and preferred pastels and unexpected contrasts. Colorful glass blows, vases, metal objects, lacquered wood, silver are used for interiors. Michael Graves is one of the popular names for the post modern designed objects and buildings with individuality and charm. Postmodern exteriorsuse variety of building techniques,angles and styles. Neo-eclectic buildings, ornaments,terra-cotta decorative facades, sculptural forms and new materials are adapted. Postmodernists did also take pride of considering human needs when designing.

Las Vegas strip was given as an example by Robert Venturi  for how to communicate the meaning of the buildings to the public using postmodernist ways; by ornaments and decorations.

period: late 20th century- early 21 st