every color is green

Fast Company‘s article is about Noon Design Studio’s success story:

Most textiles found in clothing today use dyes that harbor arsenic, lead, heavy metals, and other toxic substances. And while some boutique clothing contains nontoxic, biodegradable naturally dyed fabrics, most of what we wear is made using industrial processes. Enter Noon Design Studio, the first natural dye production house in the U.S.

The Chicago-based studio opened in January and is committed to using sustainable materials at an affordable production scale. According to Ecouterre, Noon Design Studio’s secret sauce is an industrial dye machine that can dye fabrics using madder root, walnuts, pomegranate, cochineal insects, and indigo at high volume. There are a number of advantages over industrial dyeing processes: brighter hues, minimal energy and water use, and recyclable water runoff that doesn’t contain toxic substances. The only thing that could make Noon Design Studio greener is if it sent textile scraps off to Looptworks for upcycling.

For more information, here is a great video!

and  here is the site for the Noon Design Studio