colorforward 2011


Muttenz, March 31, 2010 – Colors for 2011 will be brighter and more lively, reflecting a renewed sense of optimism in a world still struggling with natural and man-made crises, according to ColorForward™, the respected plastics color forecasting service from Clariant Masterbatches. At the same time, consumers can be expected to respond more to technology, materials and emotions that stimulate the senses in ways that go beyond the merely visible.

What a Wonderful World… recognizes a positivism that has always been a part of the culture in some regions – like Asia and South America – and can be expected to take hold elsewhere as people view the world, even with its problems, with a growing sense of optimism.

In-Fusion2acknowledges the blending of technology with the human experience. Digital media, especially, are woven seamlessly into modern life, and consumers welcome these innovations because they enhance their relationships with each other and the larger world. Technology becomes more like an extension of one’s body. An example is the growth of “Augmented Reality,” where graphics, sound and other sense enhancements dissolve the separation between the real and virtual worlds.

Speak Out… springs from a move toward self-expression. Personal branding is spreading rapidly with customization in clothes, music, tattoos, cars, diets, or cell phone ringtones. People want to play without regard to traditional boundaries, and society is more open and judgment-free. Using technology and global connectivity, anyone can quickly attract huge audiences and gain dramatic, if only temporary, visibility.

Forgotten Treasures… creates a link to the past but with a contemporary feel. The nostalgia that consumers found so attractive and comfortable during the recent, troubled years is not disappearing but rather is being reinvented. Memories are merging with modern sensibilities, creating an environment where the past and present coexist, and colors are at once classic and sophisticated.


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