Provocative Percussion (Volume 3) 1961



J. Albers talks about music, poetry and color in his book , Interaction of Color:

“In musical compositions, as long as we hear merely single tones, we do not hear music. Hearing music depends on the recognition of the in-between of the tones, of their placing and of their spacing. In writing, a knowledge of spelling has nothing to do with an understanding of poetry. Equally, a factual identification of colors within a given painting has nothing to do with a sensitive seeing nor with an understanding of the color action within the painting.

Our concern is the interaction of color:that is, seeing what happens between colors.”


Albers’ Designs of Album Covers is part of an exhibition at Minus Space:

“By 1959, Albers had been working on his Homage to the Square series for nearly a decade. He would continue to work on this series until his death in 1976. His designs for the Command Records, however, were a bit of a stylistic anomaly for him. Although references to music do appear in his work 25 years earlier, in works such as Keyboard (1932) and his Treble Clef series (1932-1935), his designs for Command Records prominently featured new formal elements for the first time, specifically circles and grids of circles. There are only two other instances of Albers using circles in his work: first, in the Christmas/New Year’s greeting cards he designed for his personal use (1952, 1957); and second, the sand-blasted glass door panels he designed for the Todd Theater in Chicago (1957).”