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Hella Jongenius, an accomplished Dutch designer whom I admire very much for her work on color, thinks color brings richness, beauty and ambuiguity to design, if it is used well.

The Coloured Vases are experiments with color. Color is an important element in Hella Jongerius’s design practice.

According to Jongerius, designers can use color as a tool to make meaningful and nuanced objects. Her deep knowledge and keen observation of color interactions to create interesting effects help her create layered products. In her lab, she plays with materials and textures in conjunction with light and color. Her work shows interesting mixture of materials with contrasting colors and textures.

Jongerius used upholstery furniture for this Nike shoe surface. She applied different but common aspects of industrial design, craftmanship and sports technology to one product.

Hell Jongerius describes the color selection process for Vitra products:

“ The colour research and the creation of a new colour range for Vitra products, from the plastic standard chairs, textiles and leather to the finishes of wood and metal, resulted in the Colour Lab. Various materials and surfaces were used to experiment with the colours, including the coloured ‘pastilles’. Jongerius speaks of ‘colour cooking’, when pointing to the relationships she creates between one colour and another and between colours and material surfaces. The lab offers visitors a chance to better understand the many effects and nuances of colours.”