architectural variation

“architectural variation” came after ilya bolotowsky replaced all the traces of brush marks with a pure and reductive format.

” a moderately scaled canvas of colored rectangles, its solemn cadence comes from the careful consideration of proportion and of the relationships among blocks of color. although each color is contained within a strict geometric configuration, it pulses with a slow, quiet energy. bolotowsky had the idea, he said latter, of” creating a counterpoint of colors that would work together like on of johann sebastian bach’s contrapuntal motifs. the painting is structural and architectonic. colors recede and project within the shallow plane, held in check by the muted quality of each hue .he was sensitive to the optical effects produced by the adjacency of color. the large white block creates an anchor for the other colors’ pulling back and forth effect.

source: modern masters, from the smithsonian american art museum