music and color

laycock is interested to analyze the relation between music and visual art; to connect the principles of musical composition with abstract painting. it is a interplay between order and intuition, structures over painterly marks, balance and tension, a rhythm, fluidity.. musicality. 

in the “uncertain harmonies” series, he employs vertical orange, purple and dark lines over the mid tone of blue. the composition is clear;  with a tempo at the front and a soft tone blue background, which do not blend, but stay within their own spaces. it is not a cadence but provides an unique impression. 

the intellectual intention in his paintings are not easily read. but as in the music, the appreciation does not come from the knowledge of structuring of sounds in a pattern, but the emotion one experiences hearing the vibrations, colors of the sounds and the harmony it generates, while engaging the viewer with a full capacity. so this is what laycock paintings intend to do:  evoke emotions in an instant with a colorful and musical force.