Through the exploration of color relationships with direct experience in color sensitivity, Safir expanded her creative inclinations into color projects. Today, her passion to define color from concept to product and her constant search for color effectiveness in different contexts and situations through the observation of color behavior drives her to excel in the new territories.

Color is a dynamic and fascinating force in design and art. I am fascinated by the relativity of color and the endless possibilities this relativity brings about. I analyze color design with an open mind, without limiting myself to the rules of the color wheel and theory. After all, there is no one color system that is conclusive enough to account for all the elements that must be considered for a design or art project. I embrace the unstable and deceptive side of color and welcome the challenges it brings to uncover original and intriguing results.

For the artist, color is expressive and emotional.

Colors are interrelated sensations that can not be experienced the same way when viewed in isolation. This very idea of color being multifaceted attracts me to study the relations between hues, values and chroma. Color creates a sense of order, chaos, ambiguity or clarity.

Mosaic inspires me. Handcrafting mosaic is a layered but a simple process. Contemporary mosaics is innovative. I believe that the authenticity of the ancient art of mosaic is best captured by using simple techniques and materials.

I sketch, design and select colors of the projects directly on the substrate. I focus on multidimensionality, relativity and interactions. Composing design elements reveal a wide range of striking contrasts and pleasing harmonies. Unique color design possibilities are endless.

Designing with color for where, how much and how often create great stories!